Notice re: BIOFAB Emeryville 2010-2013

15 Jan 2016
Posted by endy

It's been three years since the BIOFAB Emeryville pilot project completed. Most of the original data links and servers are now broken or inoperable and cannot be easily fixed. Here is a world-readable external link [hosted by Google] to all our sequence and activity data files:

All data and work products from BIOFAB Emeryville remain now and forever public domain.

Looking back on this incredible project I am struck by two lessons. Technically, this team showed for the first time that it is possible to make highly composable standard biological parts. Second, we demonstrated that new types of organizations are needed to realize various technologies essential to synthetic biology. In our case, a public-benefit professional team was needed to make high-quality free-to-use standard biological parts. Such work was not (and is not now) getting done by academia (selects for novelty), industry (selects for profit), or government (selects for solving short term public issues) working alone. We get what we select for.

Looking forward I am heartened to see the bionet project finally emerging this year as a scaleable platform to support professional peer-peer development of standard biological parts, across all types of organizations.

Drew Endy, Director, BIOFAB Emeryville 2010-2013