BIOFAB 2010 Community Meeting

The first BIOFAB Community Meeting took place on July 19-20, 2010 at the Joint BioEnergy Institute in Emeryville, CA. The BIOFAB welcomed interested users from SynBERC and the broader synthetic biology community to participate in the day and a half meeting that brought together international experts to help us respond to needs in technical development, open innovation, and social ramifications of standardized biology.

Webcast: Day one

Webcast: Day two

Meeting topics:

(1) Expression operating unit genetic architecture
(2) Transcription measurement reference standards
(3) Software tools supporting automated parts refinement, datasheet generation, & distribution
(4) Human practices in practice -- what are we preparing for?
(5) Application needs

Presentations from the meeting are below.

BIOFAB_Community_Kickoff.pdf2.06 MB
BIOFAB_CommunityMeeting1_Vivek.pdf2.2 MB
10_07_19_BioFab_community_meeting_Guillaume.pdf1.55 MB
Kitney_BIOFAB Comm Mtg v2 July 2010.pdf1017.89 KB
2010-07 BioFab_Rettberg.pdf1.43 MB
Reference Promoters_Bibl_Community Meeting.pdf269.11 KB
BIOFAB_Software.pdf1.18 MB
cagen_overview19Jul10.pdf292.17 KB
BIOFAB Meeting - Operations.pdf4.65 MB
Human Practices v8.pdf543.92 KB
2010-07-19-BioFAB_adam_wrap.pdf2.11 MB