DNA2.0 Partners with BIOFAB to Offer Biological Building Blocks Through Gene Designer

28 Jul 2011
Posted by kcosta

DNA2.0 today announced that the first collection of biological building blocks characterized by the BIOFAB International Open Facility Advancing Biotechnology (BIOFAB) are now available for use in the design and assembly of genes within DNA2.0’s Gene Designer software. The free-to-use BIOFAB genetic parts are distributed as virtual sequences in the newly minted gene marketplace embedded within DNA2.0’s gene design and assembly application. This “app store” for molecular biology and biotechnology provides scientists and bioengineers access to powerful preassembled and validated DNA elements for making genetic constructs with Gene Designer. DNA2.0 becomes the first commercial vendor to provide access—through a few clicks of a mouse—to the initial collection of biological parts developed by BIOFAB.

“The BIOFAB parts that are now available through Gene Designer are part of a pilot collection of transcription and translation controllers—and also include a first set of engineered terminators,” said BIOFAB Director Drew Endy, of Stanford Bioengineering and the BioBricks Foundation. “With the pilot collection we’ve made and characterized all combinations of the most frequently used promoters and 5’ UTRs in order to quantitatively describe how the genetic part performance varies across changing DNA contexts. This data allows us to estimate both the primary activity of a part—e.g., the strength of a promoter—and also the quality of a part—e.g., how much its strength will vary across contexts. We are thrilled to collaborate with DNA2.0 in making this important information freely available to dedicated researchers who are endeavoring to make the world better by working with biology.”

“BIOFAB’s development of these specialized ‘nuts and bolts’ is a critical step fueling the bioengineering revolution, and we are excited to be the first company to put them in the hands of scientists,” said Claes Gustafsson, COO and cofounder of DNA2.0. “Key to the development and functioning of Gene Designer is the concept of a toolbox of virtual DNA elements that can be mixed and matched or saved and used repeatedly—which harmonizes with BIOFAB’s approach of creating broadly useful collections of standard biological parts. Offering BIOFAB parts through Gene Designer is a natural fit.”

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