There are no active openings at this time. However, the BIOFAB is interested in talking with potential candidates for positions that may open in the future for Team Leader (postdoctoral and research scientists and engineers) and Production Staff (research associates). Interested candidates may send their CV and a brief statement of interest to endy at stanford dot edu.

The BIOFAB is an exciting new facility that is seeking talented, team-oriented researchers to work on the design, construction, measurement, and testing of high quality standardized genetic components and engineered biological systems. The research and production facility, led by Drew Endy and Adam Arkin, is the world’s first in support of synthetic biology research and applications. The launch goals of the facility are to develop complete sets of open source genetic components sufficient to engineer the “central dogma” within most biotechnologically-important microbes, and to develop a rapid prototyping service sufficient to quickly assemble and characterize smalls systems from such parts on demand using emerging tools and technologies in genetic engineering, automation, measurement, computation, and information science. The BIOFAB is a joint effort of the BioBricks Foundation, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley. The BIOFAB is located in Emeryville and operates with the support of the Joint BioEnergy Institute and in partnership with the Synthetic Biological Engineering Research Center (SynBERC).

Postdoctoral and Research Scientists and Engineers (Team Leaders)

We are looking for scientists or engineers with strong and productive backgrounds in molecular, systems, and/or synthetic biology. The incumbents will be responsible for leading research in how to assemble, characterize and predict the functional behavior of assemblages of standard biological parts relevant to all aspects of gene expression. These are leadership positions, working directly under Professors Endy and Arkin and will require working with a focussed team and supervising technical staff towards the production goals of the facility. These researchers will be expected to write research papers, provide interrim reports for the Directors, present their results internationally, and create resources and materials that support the external BIOFAB user community.

Qualifications: Individuals with Ph.D. level expertise in the biological, analytical, engineering or computational aspects of this area will be considered. We are looking for individuals with records of productive research, evidence of the ability to work in teams, leadership skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Research Associates (Production Staff)

Under the direction of Professors Drew Endy and Adam Arkin, and working as part of a focused team, the incumbents will be expected to help develop and carry out the key experimental, analytical and/or computational workflows for production of gene expression-related standard biological parts. These associates will aid in the optimization of parts assembly and characterization methodologies ranging from optimization of genetic manipulation to single-cell analysis of gene expression. They will also aid in setting up the laboratory information management and computational systems to support this work.  Incumbents will be expected to produce reports on their progress, participate in team planning, and aid in writing papers, presentations, and posters. Working with supervisors and the facility directors, these researchers will also aid collaborators in use of the BIOFAB as a unique community-based resource.

Qualifications: Individuals must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area of expertise and experienece of working in a productive research environment. Demonstrated skills in molecular biology, cellular measurement and computational biology are all assets for this position. Evidence of a strong ability to work in teams is a plus.