Suggested Readings

Here's a list of publications that are useful in the field of synthetic biology, especially as related to standards and fabrication:

(1) Engineering life: Building a FAB for Biology. Scientific American, June 2006. Describes how principles and practices learned from engineering successes can help transform biotechnology from a specialized craft into a mature industry.

(2) Setting the standard in synthetic biology. Nature Biotechnology, July 2008. An editorial perspective on (3) below that describes why standards for manufacturing and sharing biological devices are necessary for making biology a design-driven science.

(3) Refinement and standardization of synthetic biological parts and devices. Nature Biotechnology July 2008.  An example of the type of datasheet describing the standard biological parts that the BIOFAB will produce and make freely available.

(4) Measuring the activity of BioBrick promoters using an in vivo reference standard. Journal of Biological Engineering, 2009 March 20. An example of how variation in measurements of the in vivo activities of genetic functions can be reduced using reference standards.

(5) Biology is technology.  Harvard University Press, Spring 2010.  A current examination of opportunities, challenges, issues, and puzzles framed by and within the work of synthetic biology.