BIOFAB produces a draft-for-comment of its first human practices report

The BIOFAB has produced the first in a series of Human Practices reports on scientific, organizational, and political topics central to responsibly fulfilling its core operational mandates. The first report takes up the question “What is a part?” in biology. The report overviews foundational questions that animate the BIOFAB’s research program, interfacing those questions with a range of strategic opportunities and challenges.

We welcome comments on this draft from biologists and non-biologists alike. The BIOFAB is a public benefit organization. Among other things, this means that our task is not only to increase capacities for bioengineering. Our task is also to increase capacities in a way that contributes positively to those whose lives will be affected, directly and indirectly, by our work.

Please send comments on the report to:

What is a part? (Click to download)